Artwork Upload
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Artwork Upload

Ready to upload your artwork to be imprinted on your product/s? Please familiarize yourself with
the guidelines below for trouble-free order processing and the most satisfactory outcome. Also, be sure to obtain our
downloadable guidelines: Imprint and Artwork Guidelines.

General Guidelines
  • Please verify that your artwork represents your final preferences.
  • When submitting different logos for multiple products, submit files one at a time and indicate which product that logo is to be imprinted on.
  • Give as many specifics as you can think of, such as precise location relative to the imprint area and text.
What artwork do I need for my order?
  • If you want any graphic design on your product other than our stock logos, we must have an artwork file before we can process your order.
  • This includes logos, photos, graphic designs, and any artistic text--anything beyond standard text fonts.
  • PSA's graphic design experts can work with you to customize your artwork or create custom designs.
What options do I have to submit my artwork?
  • You can upload and submit files via email attachment using the form below.
  • You can simply email your directions and file attachments in your customary email program.
  • You can contact us with other arrangements, such as links to downloadable files.
What if I am using only text?
  • If you are imprinting only text, you do not need to submit artwork. We will contact you if we need any further information.
  • However, please specify any desired fonts and font attributes (bold, italics, uppercase, etc.) if you have not already. Note that your particular product imprint may or may not work with desired font styles.
What type of file or format can I submit?
  • Ideally, artwork should be in vector format. Non-vector formats will incur a one-time conversion fee usually between $15 and $45.
  • Vector formats accepted without conversion charges include files with the following extensions:
    • .pdf, ai, .eps, svg, cmx, cdr, dpp, fh11, xar
  • Non-vector formats include:
    • .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, ,gif, .png, .psd, .heif, .heic, bmp*
      *Note that non-vector art imbedded in vector files will require a conversion fee.
How large of a file can I submit?
  • Maximum indivudual file size is 70MB, including zip files.
  • If your artwork is larger than 70MB, please contact us to coordinate another method to transmit the file.
Contact our graphic design experts:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 719.471.4228 (x6011)

Thank you for choosing PSA, your experts in awareness solutions! Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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