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Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Your Guide To Events & The Materials To Support Them

Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and its corresponding, year-round campaigns exist as a means of helping to inspire individual and community action around a topic impacting 1 in 4 Americans. The actual events around domestic violence awareness campaigns are dependent on your community, your target market within that community, and your intended goals.

There are many successful domestic violence campaigns existing across the country with 3.5 million people seeking resources on this topic. Several of the different events associated with them have demonstrated a great value to the communities they serve, and can be easy to replicate.

Over the years, PSA has worked with customers to understand their specific needs. We have learned about the various events our customers are organizing, how they are using these events to reach new audiences, and the best use of marketing and promotional materials during these events.

From our customer feedback, we know that DVAM events typically fall into one of the following four categories:

DVAM Outdoor fitness events

Outdoor & Fitness

Events conducted outdoors or involving a fitness or physical component


Events based on creating a community or individual understanding, building knowledge and providing materials

Public Awareness

Events put together to encourage an understanding of the issue, starting conversations, and growing support in the community

Community Engagement

Events designed to solicit attendance, donations to a cause, or volunteer work around the subject

Knowing most campaign events fall into one of these four areas and understanding there are differences in how these events are hosted, the next question many clients ask is,

“What do I need to help make my event successful?”

The marketing, promotional, and educational materials used at your events are instrumental for attracting attendees, enhancing community engagement, and keeping your message at the forefront of people’s minds throughout the year.

Enormous selections of promotional materials are available for your events. When selecting how to promote, educate or draw people to various events, you might find yourself overwhelmed, unsure of what resources to use.

So, where do you start?

The answer to this dilemma depends on the event category. Thankfully, this guide will help you understand which products will work best for your events!

DVAM event info

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3. Public Awareness Events

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4. Community Engagement Events

4.2 Community Engagement Product Recommendations

DVAM outdoor and fitness events


Outdoor and fitness related events provide opportunities for active engagement. They promote healthy lifestyles and provide your participants with a chance to learn about the issue of domestic violence while having fun and doing something active.

Some examples of these events include:

pets against violence

DVAM 5k or walk-a-thons

in her shoes

DVAM rally or march

DVAM event info

Pets Against Violence: A fun walk for pets and their owners. The purpose is to raise awareness of the correlation between pet abuse and domestic violence. People can register for the walk with or without pets. Tables can be sold to vendors for a set amount to display their products or services.

5Ks or Walk-A-Thons: During these well-known events, participants either walk a certain distance or participate in a 5K. You can choose to have participants pay to run (donating proceeds to a charitable cause), provide the event for free or, funds can come from vendors and sponsors.

In-Her-Shoes: "Walk A Mile in Her Shoes" events are a popular and compelling way to engage all audiences in your community. Similar to a rally or march, during these events male teams walk a set distance in high heels to bring attention to domestic violence.

Rally or March: Rallies or marches combine either 5Ks or Walk A Mile in Her Shoes." At these events, participants will walk through a set area of town, usually with signs they created to spread awareness.

Materials for your event

Since fitness and outdoor events cater to such a large audience, the types of promotional, marketing, and educational materials your team will want to use may vary. These products should be general in nature and also cater to the specific needs or theme of the event. Your goal for the giveaways at the event should not only be for use at the event, but also something they will keep and use later.

PSA event arch and outdoor event kit

EVENT ARCH: A great way to kick-off the event or end it, event arches display the theme of your event loud and clear while providing a landmark for the event start. With arches being easy to set up and durable, these items meet the needs for multi-year use and multiple events. Click To View This Product

AWARENESS STEPS GROUND DECALS: These ground decals are often used to guide the way. What is better than highlighting the path of a walk or race than these fun footprints? On a tighter budget? Just use decals to show the way to the registration table or starting line. Click To View This Product

OUTDOOR EVENT KIT: At large events, it can often be easy to get lost in the crowd. Make sure this doesn’t happen by having a clear registration site, marked by an event tent, waving sign, and table banner. Click To View This Product

PSA racer kit, DVAM water bottles and awareness towells

RACER KIT: Racer Kits are pre-packaged to combine a variety of promotional products. These products range from themed water bottles to bags and bracelets. With the ability to create personal branding for your event, these kits are great gifts for racers who compete and the volunteers who help run the event. Click To View This Product

WATER BOTTLES: Outdoor and fitness events should always be complemented by proper hydration. Provide your runners or participants with branded water bottles to hydrate at the event and serve as a reminder afterwards. Click To View This Product

AWARENESS TOWELS: Outdoor or fitness events often involve a lot of sweat, especially in the summer months. Following a race, offer comfort by giving participants a towel and water bottle to help rejuvenate and restore energy. Click To View This Product

DVAM Awareness Products

AWARENESS LANYARDS: Many runners and athletes use lanyards as a way of keeping track of their items. Either given out before or after an event, awareness lanyards make great promotional products for participants. Click To View This Product

WIDE SILICONE BRACELET: These bracelets are popular and durable because they are water resistant and survive harsh wear and tear. Give these out at the beginning of your 5K as a means of identifying participants and watch as hundreds of runners wear these items both during the event and after to raise awareness. Click To View This Product

AWARENESS CINCH PACKS: Cinch Packs are popular in the athletic world because they allow athletes to carry all their gear to events or workouts. Include these favorites at your events and store extra promotional or race information in them. Click To View This Product

ADDITIONAL GIVEAWAY ITEMS: Include these in your event packets – Sunglasses, hand sanitizer, small handheld fan, sunscreen, lip balm and other outdoor recreation items. Click To View These Products


Education events are held to share factual information, often done by entertaining or educating audiences in specific ways. The goal of any education event is to create awareness and knowledge, and to spread relevant information to stop domestic violence and to empower survivors.

Education events differ in their scope and nature with regards to how many people attend, the information provided, and their length

A few popular education events include the following:

DVAM Classroom Training

DVAM Guest Speakers

DVAM booth or display table

DVAM event info

Classroom Training Sessions: Training sessions can spread community-specific information on domestic violence. Work with your office to set up either required or optional events for different populations in your community. The types of training provided and the specifics of these sessions will be geared to your specific goals.

Guest Speakers: Invite speakers from outside the community to offer powerful messages on domestic violence awareness. Many speakers target unique audiences and can be used to reach larger populations than normal.

Booth or Display Table: Passive methods to reach multiple people are booths and display tables set up in common, high-traffic areas. These display areas or booths provide a place to display information on the topic and promotional materials to hand out. It is relatively easy to keep these tables running throughout the month, and will be the most effective when staffed during busier times of the day or week.

Materials for your event

The promotional and marketing materials for these types of events will depend on what you are hosting and who you are targeting. Some of the promotional materials for these events will need to be tailored to your organization. Other educational and promotional materials can provide general information complementing the event messaging.

PSA DVAM gudebooks and edu-sliders

GUIDEBOOKS & EDU-SLIDERS: Depending on the topics of your conversations, guidebooks offer valuable resources your attendees can use to retain and learn more about the topics discussed. When coupled with brochures or educational sliders, this set of tools is the perfect resource to help attendees maintain a strong understanding of the material presented. Click To View These Products

ALL-WEATHER SANDWICH BOARD: When attracting attendees to your event, the All-Weather Sandwich Board is perfect for drawing the attention of people walking by. Customize the sandwich board with information on your topic or use them to guide visitors to another area. The graphics can be replaced, so the boards can be reused at future events. Click To View This Product

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BANNER PENS: Important information about domestic violence is discreetly rolled inside this pen. Click To View This Product

AWARENESS JOURNAL: Although education events are meant to spread information, you would be surprised how few of your audience members come prepared to take notes. Providing notebooks and pens ensures your attendees leave with the information you want them to remember. Click To View This Product

AWARENESS COASTER: If you are hosting your training sessions in locations with desks or tables, coasters are perfect for protecting the furniture and also giving audience members something they can take home. Click To View This Product

Domestic Violence Public Awareness Events


Public Awareness events are designed to spread information and generate awareness. With a majority of these events, the goal is to spread small amounts of powerful information to as many community members as possible. These events can either require active participation from your community or they can be passive, allowing community members to view information or resources with little commitment.

Public awareness events can include handouts of small items, meant to deliver concise and to-the-point information, or serve as persistent reminders of the issue.

Here are suggestions of some events we know work very well around community awareness:

DVAM online media campaigns

DVAM public awareness displays

DVAM print media campaigns

DVAM event info

Online Media Campaigns: Online media campaigns take advantage of the numerous resources existing throughout the Internet community. Many of these campaigns utilize social media platforms, email, and existing websites to get impactful (and sometimes provocative) information and resources in front of your audience.

Public Awareness Displays: These events are driven by graphic displays in high-traffic areas. They deliver powerful and provocative messages designed to initiate the conversation around domestic violence. Examples include The Clothesline Project, Empty Place at the Table and the Silent Witness Exhibit.

Print Media Campaigns: Op-ed articles, editorials, door tags and mailers are all good examples of print media campaigns and can be used to promote an alternative event or trigger a reminder about domestic violence.

Materials for your event

With public awareness, your organization can raise interest in Domestic Violence Awareness Month and provide information on the different activities involved in your campaign.

The following products are fantastic assets to engage the members of your community!

PSA DVAM Awareness Products

RIBBONS, MAGNETS & KEYCHAINS: These smaller items are easy to hand out at your events and due to their size, are easy to transport for both volunteers and attendees alike. It is important to ask for community members to regularly display these to start conversations about domestic violence. Click To View These Products

TUMBLERS & WATER BOTTLES: Probably the most functional on this list, beverage tumblers and water bottles serve as items community members will use time and time again, all while making a statement. Click To View These Products

PENS & JOURNALS: Journals are an important resource for victims who are often encouraged to journal incidents and their thoughts. Click To View These Products


PHONE POCKETS: Wallets and cell phones are two items most people have on them at all times. Phone pockets combine the need of a wallet attached to a cell phone, all while offering awareness information. The wallet cards help to spread information in a simple but effective manner. Click To View This Product

HAND SANITIZER: How many times have you been out in a group preparing to eat or finishing with an activity when someone reaches into their pocket or purse to pull out hand sanitizer? Now think about how often this hand sanitizer is quickly shared by the group. Imagine the power if this hand sanitizer was branded with information on domestic violence. Hand sanitizers customized to your organization, campaign, or event are perfect for raising awareness on the issue. Click To View This Product

T-SHIRTS: Who doesn’t love a t-shirt? Participants will wear shirts long after attending your event and in turn become a walking advertisement by broadly displaying information on DVAM or your specific event. Click To View These Products

Domestic Violence community engagement events


Community Engagement events often combine public awareness and education to deliver a powerful message. These events do not just ask people to know about the issue but deliver information in a compelling manner.


These events create widespread awareness AND ask for active participation from community members.

Many have become hallmarks of DVAM campaigns because of their interesting methods for engaging community on a more emotional level.

These events have grown over time by gaining national recognition for their impact and delivering consistent messaging.

Events that fall into this category can include the following:

the black eye project

DVAM candlelight vigil

DVAM flower ceremony

DVAM purple lights night

DVAM event info

The Black Eye Project: During the Black Eye Project, educated volunteers apply makeup to resemble a black eye before entering the community. These volunteers make sure to act normal in public places, seeing who will notice them and provide support. When approached, these volunteers give out educational items as a way of raising awareness and to thank participants.

Candlelight Vigil: Hosting a candlelight vigil is a symbolic gesture to recognize potential victims in your community. These events do not need to feature actual survivors but instead, operate to raise general awareness.

Flower Ceremony: Similar to candlelight vigils, a flower ceremony is meant to honor survivors in your community. During this ceremony the community should gather around a lake or public landmark to lay a bouquet of flowers while providing information for supporting survivors.

Purple Lights Night: During a Purple Lights Night, request members of your community to change or mask the color of their porch lights to the color purple, again recognizing domestic violence awareness while creating striking imagery.

Due to the emotional nature of many of these events and the need for solemn engagement, many of the resources or materials you will want to utilize during these programs should be as noninvasive as possible.

For other events like participation campaigns, you will want community members to leave with a better understanding of the issue and a small reminder of the event. For these events, smaller promotional materials are tremendous assets.

Materials for your event

PSA DVAM Promotional Products

RIBBON LAPEL PINS: Lapel pins or buttons are easy to give away because of their small size. They are perfect to hand out at the beginning or conclusion of an event to help attendees showcase their participation and commitment to ending domestic violence. Click To View This Product

SILICONE BRACELETS: Bracelets offer a simple but effective way for attendees to show their support. Attendees will typically wear their bracelet throughout the month and sometimes beyond. Click To View These Products

T-SHIRTS: T-shirts are meaningful for your events because they create greater interest for years to come. T-shirts designed around your awareness events are powerful for creating a statement across diverse populations. Click To View These Products

AWARENESS KEYSTRAPS: Keystraps are functional items almost everyone utilizes. Providing attendees with a custom designed keystrap built for your organization or event is a great reminder of the purpose of DVAM. Click To View This Product

LIP BALM: Lip balm is widely used and when customized, provides an extra reminder whenever someone reaches in their pocket for this functional item. Click To View These Products

SHOPPER TOTE: With many event booths giving away educational or promotional materials, a shopper tote bag is a resource that provides participants the chance to carry these materials easily. As a bonus, shopper totes offer a long-term use to all community members, who shop for groceries using totes, which is an ever-growing demographic. Click To View This Product

  These events, while emotional in nature, are a powerful way of engaging a significant number of your community members. When considering which resources to purchase, pay specific attention to who will be attending your events.

Hosting events throughout Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a necessary step for your organization to achieve its mission and properly engage your community. Along with the other pieces of your awareness campaign, these events are a culmination of hard work, proper planning, and recruiting volunteers to help.

  • When considering the theme for your event, try to brand all of your educational hand-outs and promotional items so they will be identified with your event.

  • The marketing materials you utilize and the promotional items you hand out can drastically change the success of your events.

  • The recommendations made throughout this guide are the preferred options to benefit each of our customers; they are not the only options. Each of these suggestions was made intentionally based on what we know works. There are always more options and other great ways to utilize educational and promotional materials.

Our team is constantly looking for resources and ways to grow by supporting our customers. We will continue to produce compelling prevention and awareness items to meet the challenging needs of your outreach efforts. Let us know how we can support you!

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