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What is CADCA?

CADCA Mid-Year Training Institute wrapped up recently and we had a chance to share in the experience by being a resource partner. With over 2000 attendees at the event, this was a great opportunity to speak with many individuals from various communities and coalitions. Okay, so you are probably asking what is CADCA and why do they have a training? Well, let me explain.

CADCA stands for Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. They are a nonprofit organization that is committed to creating safe, healthy and drug-free communities globally. Their Mid-Year Training Institute focuses on providing attendees with "skills and resources that can help create change in their communities." Watch the video below to get more details regarding CADCA's mission and their focus on drug-free communities.

Champion for Drug-Free Kids

As a resource partner, PSA Worldwide had the chance to show various products related to substance and alcohol abuse, discuss our role within awareness and prevention, and receive insight into the trends affecting various communities. This was an opportunity to create a dialogue and gain valuable info regarding the issues affecting people the most.

In addition, we were proud to discuss how our CEO Brad Dombaugh will be honored at the 21st Annual Drug-Free Kids Campaign Awards Dinner for being the Champion for Drug-Free Kids.

What did we learn?

First and foremost, we were able to observe the dedication these various groups and individuals bring to the table in creating drug-free communities. With their drive and passion for prevention, we gained valuable info about the various drug trends and concerns within different communities. We heard stories from coalition leaders, talked to youth about their experiences within their schools/universities, and learned more about growing concerns for newer substances. Some of the main trending topics were Kratom and what it is, the Tobacco 21 campaign focusing on raising the legal age to 21 for purchasing tobacco products, the growing concerns regarding Fentanyl, and the Juuling trend with teens/youth. Having more insight into these issues will allow PSA to improve our educational and prevention offerings related to these trends.

What we brought to the event

The people at PSA are dedicated to providing products to make promoting your cause, program, or company easier. At CADCA, we presented various products related to substance and alcohol abuse prevention.

We were giving away our Active Bystander Water Bottle (item 3805) with messaging reinforcing the need to step up, speak up, and interrupt to prevent abuse. Our Awareness Selfie Frame (item 3726a) gave us an opportunity for people to capture their time at CADCA and focus on prevention. We showed off more portable educational pieces like our Underage Drinking Banner pen (item 2822), Rx Safety Edu-Wheel (item 3384), and Steps to Recovery Info Cards (item 3711). We also displayed some of our Substance Abuse Retract-a-Banners (item 1595SB templates SB-10 and SB-13) to show a different way to convey your campaign message. See below for a full list of items we presented at the event.


Here are a few resources from CADCA and some other resource partners we met at the event. We appreciate these groups and their commitment in helping create drug-free communities.

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