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    Alcohol and the Developing Brain (DVD)

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    This DVD program focuses on the effects of alcohol on the still- developing adolescent and young adult brain. Students learn that the moldable nature of the young brain makes learning and acquiring new skills easier but also poses greater risks of addiction and dependence. Testimony from experts and recovering alcoholics clarify why people start to drink and why young people are at greater risk of developing an alcohol use disorder.  The video then focuses the risks of alcohol abuse on different parts of the still developing brain and how alcohol affects decision-making, coordination, and memory. Viewers learn about the risks of binge drinking, which can cause blackouts and alcohol poisoning.  The video details the difficulties of recovery from alcoholism but offers hope that recovery is possible.
    video, plus teacher’s resource book, student handouts and pre/post tests in digital format
    Grade level: 7-college
    Running time: 22 minutes
    Year made: 2019

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