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    Custom Substance Abuse Prevention Playing Cards

    Description Specifications

    Drug abuse affects thousands of American families every year causing a variety of societal problems. Help promote the education of substance abuse prevention and spread awareness with this functional promotional giveaway item.

    Product Details:
    • Standard deck of 54 cards (includes Jokers)
    • Features 13 different graphic messages about the effects of drug abuse.
    • Information covers drug use of cocaine, bath salts, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, inhalants, methamphetamines, binge drinking, hallucinogens, painkillers, depressants, synthetic marijuana, and over-the counter drugs.
    • Customize the design on the face of this card with you logo, artwork or campaign information.
    Quantity500 - 799800 - 9991000 - 14991500 -
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    Full Color
    (Minimum: 500)
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